MicroVention to Create 2,000 Jobs in Costa Rican

  • The company will invest close to US$80 million in a new 20,000 square-meter plant facility
  • The company launched its Costa Rican operations in 2012


Alajuela, Costa Rica. December  7th, 2020. MicroVention-Terumo, a U.S.-Japanese company in the life sciences sector, announced that it will expand its Costa Rican operations with the construction of a new plant in Alajuela’s Coyol Free Zone. The 20,000 square-meter facility will generate 2,000 more jobs in various administrative, operational, and engineering areas.

MicroVention currently employs 1,700 workers in Costa Rica; its newest investment will reach almost US$80 million by the end of 2022.

The announcement was made during a visit to the company's facilities by the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado; the Minister of Foreign Trade, Andrés Valenciano; and the Managing Director of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira.

President Alvarado, who weeks before had held a meeting with senior company officials, thanked them for their confidence in Costa Rica, as evidenced by their expanding operations and more than doubling the already large number of jobs they offer, thus benefiting thousands of Costa Rican families.

After reiterating the government's support for foreign direct investment and the Free Trade Zone regime, Alvarado commented, “MicroVention’s announcement to increase its payroll by 2,000 jobs and open a third plant, represents a significant impact on this generation of quality employment in Costa Rica.” President Alvarado highlighted the inter-institutional work that has been done, and which will be further strengthened by the new INA Law, to train Costa Ricans and prepare them for greater employment opportunities.

“Microvention started operation in Costa Rica more than 7 years ago and has recognized the great potential of our family of professionals and direct, manufacturing associates. Our success in Costa Rica has grown MicoVention into what now is now our 3rd expansion in the country. Today our strategic vision is that we will be ending 2022 with close to 35,000 sq. meters in manufacturing space and 3,000 associates. We are very proud of shipping Costa Rica made products to doctors around the word. Thus, helping our patients have a better quality of life,” said Charlie Noel, Vice President of International Operations, Microvention.

Andrés Valenciano, the Minister of Foreign Trade, voiced his pleasure at the announcement, “It is excellent news that leading companies, such as MicroVention, continue to bet on Costa Rica. Today, we celebrate the creation of 2,000 new formal jobs, which translate into growth and well-being for many Costa Rican families. In addition, this demonstrates how reinvestments continue to be a source of development opportunity for Costa Rica, where democratic stability, legal security, and our country values are, without a doubt, key components of our value proposition. For the Government of Costa Rica, this news supports our commitment to hard work and desire to create the right conditions for companies like MicroVention to continue growing. Many congratulations and my deepest gratitude for the trust placed in Costa Rica."

In Costa Rica, the company manages two manufacturing plants dedicated to creating medical devices used in endovascular therapies, for the treatment of vascular and brain diseases.

Jorge Sequeira Picado, Managing Director of CINDE, commented, “MicroVention’s Costa Rican expansion confirms that Costa Rica is a strategic ally in achieving goals, for multinational companies committed to the planet, people, and a prosperity equation and that, additionally, seek to invest with purpose. This investment is a clear reflection of how Costa Rica is also an ideal destination for the nearshoring strategies that many companies apply to bring production closer to their target markets, such as the United States. This company, which operates in the life sciences sector, further contributes to making medical devices the main export product of Costa Rica. We congratulate MicroVention on this investment and predict huge returns from our valuable human talent.”The company will soon publish its upcoming employment opportunities via official channels, for jobseekers interested in applying at the new plant.

Currently, other positions are available at MicroVention. For more information, please visit: https://www.microvention.com/chapla/jobs